The Zen Centers of Rinzai-ji

Rinzai-ji, Inc., is an organization composed of many different Zen centers, all under the leadership of various monks and nuns who, like Genshu Osho, accepted the responsibility of teaching Rinzai-ji style Zen. Many of these centers have websites and contain a breadth of information including talks on Zen Practice.

Mount Baldy Zen Center, the primary training ground for Rinzai-ji, located in Mount Baldy, CA.

Bodhi Manda Zen Center, another major training center where Roshi travels twice a year to conduct extended training periods, located in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

Albuquerque Zen Center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Haku-un-ji located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Joshu Zen Center located in Hemet, California.

Myoko ni Sorin, for women only, located in Cobb, California.

Rinzai-ji Zen Center, the mother temple for the organization, located in Los Angeles, California.

Puget Sound Zen Center located in Puget Sound, Washington


Additionally, there are many Rinzai-ji Zen Centers world wide:

Bodhidharma Zendo Wien located in Austria.

Zen Center of Vancouver located in Vancouver, Canada.

Centre Zen de la Main located in Montreal, Canada.

Centro Zen de Puerto Rico located in Puerto Rico.