Rinzai Zen Buddhist practice in Berkeley, California with

Tokuju Genshu Chris Ro, Osho

Zazen is currently held Sunday mornings 6-7 and Thursday evenings 7-8.

Instruction on Zazen and Zen practice is available by appointment.  Genshu is also doing house call practice.  He can come to you.  Instruction is also available anywhere in the world via Skype. 

1546 Beverly Place
Berkeley, CA  94706
646 591 9874
genshuosho @

If you would like access Genshu's essays as well as to sign up for announcements and teachings please sign in at the guest book.

The Diamond Sutra is the sutra of this temple.

This temple is affiliated with Rinzai-ji the Sangha of Kyozan Joshu Roshi.

Sometimes "Shin" is translated as heart, sometimes as mind.

Zen Practice is the practice of dissolution and renewal, moment to moment.

(Genshu is also available for hire for renovations, home design and consultation.  References and a portfolio are available by request.)